Firm Profile

WE HAVE MOVED!!  Our new address is:

Village Green Office Park

69B Monroe Avenue

Pittsford, NY 14534

Nerdy, boring, cold, passive, grey, dull, introverted, pocket protector wearing accountant…

not kg+co.

Outside of doing our best to help our clients, our other goal is to promote a professional, fun and cool enviroment.

Many get a feel for this once they walk into our office.  If we only had a nickel for every time someone said “nice office!”  A small reflection of our culture, our office space is bright, colorful and has a lot of character.  

We fancy ourselves as not your typical accountants and hire individuals who are not only great accountants, but have personality and like to have fun.  If you make it into our office for a meeting, be prepared for the “what do you like to do for fun?” question – it is one of our favorites.

So, what can you expect from kg+co and what culture are we working to build?  It basically comes down to our values (our acronym to remember is Happy Fun Day Totally Rocks):

 + Honest – tell the truth and be open to the viewpoints of others

+ Fun – enjoy yourself and others

+ Desire for Growth – surround yourself with those that love to learn and inspire you to do so too

+ Team – no one person is an island and success takes the efforts of many people

+ Respect – simply follow the golden rule, treat others as you would like to treated and remember no one is perfect

Our days are busy and while we may not wrestle alligators, our days are typically anything other than routine.

Adjectives we’ve heard other than those at the top of the page are:

Fast paced, knowledgeable, organized, structured, accurate, detail orientated, accountable, team player, creative, trustworthy, excellent communicator, ethical, intuitive, positive, inspires confidence, credible, problem solver, experienced, reliable, honest, professional, helpful and inquisitive.

If you think our style is a good fit for you, we invite you to get to know kg+co. We would be pleased to show you how we can work together to create a profound impact on your success.